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Custom Manufacturing

PCI, INC. has manufactured products exclusively for indiviuduals and corporations for over twenty-five years. Products have been made in quantities of over a million pieces of one part, and as small as one hundred pieces. These products are rarely displayed in our catalog. Many are propietary and are not generally exhibited or advertised. 


Our long established presence in Taiwan has earned the trust of other manufacturers of many types of goods in that country. PCI's manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and the United States, and agreements with other manufacturers in both countries, allow the production of a vast array of high-quality custome-made items of many types - at competitive, or better than competitive prices. 

Metalworking Division

Metal work includes the die-cutting, molding, fabricating, stamping and die-casting of steel, zinc, aluminum, and stainless steel. PCI makes items such as clamps, tubes, valves, adapters, nuts, bolts and gaskets. PCI is proud to be a supplier of custom metal products to the largest companies in the exhaust/undercar business, both original equipment and aftermarket. PCI also manufactures products for smaller companies of various types in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Diverse Product Division

Other made-to-order products are produced from plastic, rubber, fabrics of vaious types, and our metalworking capabilities. These products have included such diverse items as musical instrument cases, police-paramedic handcuff/protective glove cases and argon-welded engine manifold parts.

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